Introduction I wonder what it could be, that is done underneath the sun that is not intended to create a pleasing state of being. A thoroughly research and personal experience, this book came into being to give an insight of living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Life is all about being happy by fulfilling desires and doing away with suffering. Acknowledgement I would like to express my very great appreciation to my mother, for her endless support, advice and believing in me, also my gratitude to my friends Kambani Banda, and Douglas Mwaula, for the encouragement, help and suggestions I would also like to extend my appreciation to the Kamwala Secondary school 12 Ds 2018 exist, for the cooperation during my research. CONTENTS CHARTER : TITLE 1 FELICITY 2 SELF-AWARENESS 3 BE THE MASTER 4 OBSTACLES 5 A MILE EXTRA 6 THE WORLD IS MY FAMILY 7 A FINAL WORD
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